Bringing the arts into healthcare facilities for the aging

Interaction through the arts brings in-the-moment self-expression and a spirit of community, especially with Alzheimer’s patients

Laurie and Ardis painting




Laurie Lunsford is an Interactive Arts Specialist who promotes well-being and community through creative interaction in nursing care facilities






Using Hand Taps



The arts bring SOUNDNESS OF MIND AND BODY through…

Sensory Stimulation
Social Time




“What if we softened the edges of a system that confines…with zealous caring? What if we rounded the corners of compartmentalization…with spontaneous activity? My heart’s desire is to see the spirit of the arts alive and well with our geriatric population. I have found personal fulfillment through free expression. Now, I am passing it on to others.”

Laurie Lunsford

Interactive Arts Specialist, Founder of Dancing Hands, Artist, Musician, Writer, and Friend

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