Painting Memories

Linda had never painted before and wanted to try. She wanted to paint a picture of a time in her life when she went fishing with her husband. Since she cannot get up, I covered the bed table and her with a big drop cloth and set up the paints and an easel. After she had painted for a while, I looked at it and she described the lakes and the concession stand and outhouse. She wanted herself and her husband in the picture. She asked me if I would do it. She described the lawn chair her husband sat on and his black hat. She had a straw hat and sat on the ground. I commented on how large the fish were that she painted in the lake. She said that they really were big….some of them 35 pounds! The painting will be framed soon and hanging at the end of her bed.

All Day Art

Larry is a Vietnam veteran and is confined to his bed. He has made the most of it by illustrating his patriotism in large drawings.
He draws 8 to 12 hours in one day.

“I get lost in my art. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m in bed.” he says.
“When I look at a piece of white paper, I see it done. I have more creative ideas that I can do.”

The Wonders of Color

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Mary was recovering in bed for many weeks. I have known her for years and she had not ever tried her hand at painting, except for painting walls. I surprised her when I came into her room. I told her I had a big piece of cardboard and big brushes and paints. “Would you like to paint?”

“Well, I guess so,” she replied cooperatively. “You can’t do it wrong.”

I spread a plastic garbage bag over her sheet and I held the cardboard. She picked up the big brush and started painting with red. She picked up another brush with yellow in it and watched things change from red to orange. More colors appeared as she experimented. When she was finished, we looked at it from all directions and our imaginations went wild. We hung it on her wall.